Gazesense from Eyeware

Eyeware is a Swiss computer vision company based in Martigny that develops eye tracking software for cars, smartphones, laptops and more. They enable attention sensing for a wide range of applications, including driver monitoring, gaming and shopper research.

“Smart machines” such as cars, robots, computers, and phones are not able to understand the attention, intention, and engagement information given by our eyes. This has value for safety, entertainment, analytics, and more. Existing eye tracking systems have strong technical limitations and cannot support use cases for natural user interaction.

With patent-pending eye tracking technology, Eyeware enables machines and devices to understand user attention, intention, and interest. We can accurately detect where a person is looking at, and use this information for analyzing attention to objects, generating dynamic content, or controlling interfaces with eye-gaze.

This opens the door to exciting new applications, including:

  • Interact with your phone and computer using your eyes
  • Monitor the attention of drivers and passengers in cars
  • Get real-world analytics of the purchasing decision in front of the shelf in retail»

Competitors are not able to detect and analyze attention to objects in the open 3D environment without additional costly hardware. Most systems use technology based on high-resolution infrared sensors that is restrictive: it can track only one person, with limited range and calibration required. 

Compared to existing systems, Eyeware proposed a completely new approach that combines machine learning and computer vision, with the following advantages:

  • Remote sensing: by using AI, our technology copes with low resolution data, working well at long distance.
  • Multi-person tracking: we can track multiple people at the same time with only one sensor.
  • Hardware agnostic: it works out of the box, with any sensor type or brand: 3D (preferred), 2D, or infrared.
  • Unique and patentable: to our knowledge, Eyeware offers the only commercial solution for remote eye tracking software with 3D sensors. Currently, we have 5 patents pending.

Eyeware offers an SDK (software development kit) that can be licensed to be integrated in any device that has a 3D camera, such as Intel RealSense, Orbbec, or cameras already integrated in phones from Apple, LG, Oppo, and others.

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