Heart Rate Module

Solution for evaluating the hardness of a workstation

The CFM module allows to:

Objectify the evaluation of workstation hardness

Prepare for the return to work after a cardiac pathology and support to decision for job suitability

Global analysis
Cardiac strain

Evaluate the cardiac strain of a workstation and determine its hardness level:

Calculation of the Relative Cardiac Cost curve (RCC), the average RCC and the peak RCC

Time exceeding RCC limits
Hardness matrix

Display of the cardiac strain matrix according to the Meunier-Smolik- Knoché method

Prof. Meunier’s abacus ©

Classification of the workstation profile using the Meunier abacus

Per phase analysis
Results by work phases
Heart rate analysis by phase
Phases hardness

Hardness classification of the work phases

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