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The Worldviz Projection VR systems create striking visualizations via low-footprint 3D ultra-short throw projectors, transforming your space into a nearly…

Portable Planetarium

With almost 20 years providing the best in dome display technology, IDUK is excited to present our portable digital planetarium…

Projection Domes

Projection domes by Immersive Display are designed and manufactured in the UK. This page showcases our standard domes but all…

ImmersaVu 320

Immersive Display presents the latest product in a range of visual display environments, the immersaVu™ 320….

ImmersaVu 200

The ImmersaVu Desktop dome is a GRP panadome screen that features 4K visuals and reflective optics to achieve high-fidelity projected…

ImmersaSim 270

The new ImmersaSim 270 provides a powerful yet portable display solution truly unique in the sim racing and flying sectors….

Cobra150 Venom

Optimised for single users the Cobra150 Venom® is a low cost, high quality, portable immersive display solution….


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