Immersive Display Flight Simulator

The 5th generation type fully configurable cockpit has been designed and engineered to create an authentic user experience.
The cockpit is unique in its construction. The entire cockpit is of machined metal construction giving it a solid and robust look and feel and it is impervious to damage. The seat is adjustable and the whole cockpit is easy to move thanks to mounted casters on the base.

The targeted fidelity cockpit can be fitted to our customers’ specification with a range of control and display systems. Combined with the modular nature of its systems it ensures the user the highest levels of training flexibility with low initial and lifetime costs.

The cockpit benefits from a small footprint and can be fitted out for rack mounted PC IG’s if required.
A range of visual display options are available from supply of cockpit only up to full 9 meter 300 degree dome systems.

In addition to ID UK’s 5th generation cockpit they are also able to supply a range of other all metal cockpits including: F15, F16, Typhoon, MIG21 and MIG23.
The 5th generation cockpit has been designed and developed in the UK by Immersive Display Group and can be shipped internationally.

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