The Fingertracking device is an add-on to the ART tracking system, which allows you to track the orientation of the hand and the position of the fingers.The ART Measurement Tool is a pointing device for measurement applications. In this specialized field it is very important to measure positions of points with a high degree of accuracy. The Measurement Tool is equipped with a measurement tip which can be, by way of the attached targets and by using an appropriate DTRACK3 module, located and tracked with the optical tracking system. Normally the position of the tool’s tip is measured in DTRACK’s room coordinate system (fixed during room calibration). Optionally the Measurement Tool can calculate the position relative to a “reference body” (i.e. in its body coordinate system).

It is currently available in two different designs, see pictures below.

Size: approx. 30cm; Weight: 80g

ART Measurement Tool for high-precise point measurements
Different shapes of the ART Measurement Tool are available

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