Tools of the Trade

PhaseSpace designed accessories. Whether the subject is human, a robot, a virtual reality prop, PhaseSpace has the solution!


Perfect for custom wireless props. Used extensively among our virtual reality customers.

The PhaseSpace Microdriver is a lightweight standalone active LED driver. Each Microdriver can drive up to 8 LED markers. This self-contained unit has a built-in battery and RF receiver making it easy to pair with the X2E system.

Mocap Spandex Suit

A form-fitting spandex suit for human motion capture. The suit’s built-in wire channels, LED mounting points, and breathable fabric, maximize both comfort and utility. Just affix the LEDs and start capturing.


Expand the possibilities of your X2E system with finger tracking!

These durable gloves come with eight LEDs total: one on the tip of each finger (two LEDs on the thumb), and two LEDs on the back of the hand. As with all PhaseSpace LEDs, the glove is also available with infrared LEDs.

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