ImmersaVu™ Desktop Dome

ImmersaVu™ Desktop and Freestanding System

The ImmersaVu Desktop dome is a GRP panadome screen that features 4K visuals and reflective optics to achieve high-fidelity projected imagery – ideal as a small/medium attraction at events, museums and within the entertainment industry alike.
Whilst portable, the dome and projection hood are manufactured from glass fibre composite to create a robust and rigid assembly to provide excellent structural integrity and allow for a number of mounting options. Integration into a kiosk is also possible, making the immersaVu 200 a truly versatile system in any scenario.

The dome itself is supported by a rigid aluminium frame which can be built to specification in order to meet specific height requirements. The projection support structure itself can be modified for a range of alternative projection systems and provides for future proofing and projector upgrade.

Included with the system is a Quadro Architect IDUK PC Suite featuring integral image warping and geometry correction software that allows for distortion free display of a range of content types including panoramic wide screen movies, wide screen games and real time simulation applications. 180 degree Native GoPro content is also an ideal playback choice.

The system is easy to set up and ships with all components for immediate use.

The immersaVu™ 200L system includes:
  • Panadome Screen /w hood & Aluminium Frame
  • Projector and Immersive Optics
  • Warping & Geometry Correction Software
  • All Signal+Power cables & necessary Fittings
  • Setup instructions and tools
  • Sample Content
  • IDUK PC Suite
System Features:
  • Native 4k Resolution Projector
  • 5000 Lumens
  • 150/180 Degree Horizontal Field of View
  • Screen Dimensions: (w)2000mm, (h)1000mm
  • Overall Dimensions: (w)2200mm, (d)1120mm, (h)1450mm

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