ImmersaWorld Inflatable Domes

ImmersaWorld Inflatable Domes

Robust weather resistant dual pressure 360º inflatable dome for immersive visual presentation or planetarium use. Designed for outdoor use, highly durable and weather resistant.

ImmersaWorld is a fully hemispherical inflatable dome providing a 360º visual experience for both exhibition and public display use. Dual pressure technology ensures a perfect display surface on the interior of the dome while maintaining ease of access for auditorium set up and user entry and exit.

The ImmersaWorld theatre is designed with simplicity, speed and safety in mind. Once unpacked the operator can have the entire system ready for presentation use in less than 30 minutes. Specialist knowledge is not required.

With no hard edges or airlock doors the ImmersaWorld is an easily accessible, simple and safe way to entertain and educate groups of up to 30 people in a fully immersive visual environment.We provide additional projection requirements. All the projection hardware is fixed centrally on a purpose built and fully adjustable mount.

ImmersaWorld Cadet Inflatable Dome

Single pressure 360º inflatable dome for immersive visual presentation or planetarium use.

The ImmersaWorld Cadet is a low cost, easy to set up, 360º visual display environment. It is ideally suited for touring educational presentations.

Constructed of the latest in double weave, fire retardant, heavy duty fabric, the inflatable structure has a valve fitting near the lower edge of the dome to allow connection to the air compressor unit supplied with the package.

On inflation the dome fabric stretches to create a true hemisphere and provides an excellent internal visual display surface. From unpacking to full inflation can take as little as 10 minutes.

Available in a number of diameters from 5m up to 9m and with the option of either a zipped or “squeeze-through” door, the ImmersaWorld Cadet offers the very best value in portable planetariums.

Optional projection technology

Optical hardware can be provided from our ImmersaLux series of projectors.

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