The InertiaCube4 integrates the latest in MEMS inertial technology and utilizes advanced Kalman filtering algorithms to produce a full 360° sourceless orientation tracking sensor.

The 4th generation InertiaCube4 is the industry’s leading 3-Degrees of Freedom (DOF) MEMS-based inertial technology, utilizing advanced Kalman filtering algorithms to produce a full 360° sourceless orientation tracking sensor. The sensor’s portable package with high-end performance and accuracy is ideal for a range of applications, including simulation & training, virtual & augmented reality, motion capture, robotics and human movement analysis.

The InertiaCube4 uses MEMS technology to sense angular rate of rotation, gravity and earth magnetic field along three perpendicular axes. The angular rates are integrated to obtain the orientation (yaw, pitch, and roll) of the sensor. Gravitometer and compass measurements are used to prevent the accumulation of gyroscopic drift through advanced sensor fusion algorithms. This technology offers you several advantages:

  • very low latency
  • unlimited range
  • precise factory calibration
  • smooth, jitter-free tracking
  • in situ static & dynamic magnetic compensation algorithms
Key Features
  • sourceless 3DOF tracking with full 360° range
  • accuracy of 1° yaw, 0.25° pitch & roll
  • 200 Hz update rate (1000 Hz available for USB)
  • 2000° maximum angular rate
  • adjustable output filters and rotational sensitivity
  • USB and RS-232 versions available
  • AHRS output
Technical Specifications
Degrees of Freedom3 (yaw, pitch and roll)
Angular RangeFull 360° — all axes
Maximum Angular Rate2000° per second*
Accuracy (RMS)1° in yaw, 0.25° in pitch and roll at 25°C*
Angular Resolution0.01° RMS*
Max Update Rate200 Hz, 1000 Hz available for USB (contact Thales)
Minimum Latency2 ms for RS-232 (PC host and OS dependent)
Predictionup to 50 milliseconds
InterfacesUSB or RS-232
RS-232 Rate115200 baud
Size36.6 mm x 27.7 mm x 13.8 mm
Weight11 grams
Cable LengthUSB 6 feet (2m), RS-232 15 feet (4.572m)
Power6 VDC, 40 mA
Operating Temp. Range0° to 50° C
O/S CompatibilityWindows, Linux, and Mac OS X
*Measurement with perceptual enhancement set to ‘0’ (at +25° C)

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