Perception Neuron 3

Small, Lightweight and Powerful

Perception Neuron 3 features an ultra-small wireless inertial sensor that weighs just 4.1 grams, making it the smallest in the Perception Neuron motion capture lineup to date, making motion more flexible and unburdened.

Mocap Anywhere

Designed to be portable, Perception Neuron 3 comes in a travel size EVA case that makes capturing data on the go a breeze. Without the need of walls, light, and occlusion, it is possible to mocap anywhere with PN3.

Finger Tracking

The Perception Neuron 3 finger sensor kit utilizes six sensors, three sensors for each hand, with specific locations on the thumb, index and middle fingers. Our IK solver tracks the movement of all five fingers as part of our most robust solution to date. 

*Available as an add-on.


(18) PN3 Sensors

(18) PN3 Sensor Socket Attachments

(1) USB-C Transceiver

(3) Charging Docks

(1) Set of Base Body Straps

(1) Pair of Medium Base Gloves


Bring your motion capture performance to the next level.

Perception Neuron 3 Glove Sensor Kit
Perception Neuron 3 Base Glove
Perception Neuron 3 Compression Suit
Perception Neuron Studio FAQ
Sensor Size27.9 mm x 16.2mm x 11.6 mm
Sensor Weight4.1g
Gyroscope Range±2000 dps
Accelerometer Range±8g
Minimal Resolution0.02 degree
Transceiver Coverage4 meters
Battery Capacity280 mAh
Operation Timeup to 5 hours
Data Calculation Rate600hz
Data Output Rate60hz Locked
Interference TypeDual Probes
Operating frequency band2400 Mhz ~ 2483 Mhz
Operating Current40 mA

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