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Those new to motion capture have one common question when working with Noitom’s team of motion 3D animation and character animation experts, “ What is Perception Neuron? ”

The best answer to this inquiry is: Perception Neuron is like a motion keyboard for the body. By putting sensor markers on the body, they are able to translate human motion into digital data that can be interpreted and utilized for film special effects, animation pipeline, animated films (2D animation and 3D animation), video game and 3d model development, 3D character animation, virtual reality, ergonomics, sports injury prevention, and real time motion analysis, among others.

Their user-friendly motion capture technology can be customized for any project, large or small, making good on their mission #MOCAPFORALL that removes expensive price points as a barrier for innovative creators. Noitom’s motion capture systems are as unique and personalized as the artistic creations they bring to life and there are several options from which creators can choose, based on their specific needs and budget.

Perception Neuron started back in 2014 with the original Perception Neuron 32. Trusted by over 1300 backers on Kickstarter, they delivered on the worlds most affordable and accessible motion capture software and movement hardware. While much has changed since the first iteration of their movement motion capture technology, the mission remains the same. Below are some of the latest solutions being used by movement creators around the world.

Perception Neuron 32

Perception Neuron 3 is the smallest self-sufficient motion capture sensor on the motion capture technology market and works on a proprietary 2.4Ghz protocol, delivering connected content with latency no greater than 20ms, even when teams are working remotely. This humanoid motion capture system gives users access to free software, plugins, and SDKs, allowing users to create animation data free without any additional monthly charges. Perception Neuron 3 eliminates the need for fixed installations and puts affordable, portable motion capture technology directly in the hands of creators and animators.

Perception Neuron Studio features industry-leading motion capture technology and revolutionary sensor algorithms, giving users limitless potential to take their motion capture and animation pipeline to the next level. As the flagship solution in the Perception Neuron family – Perception Neuron Studio offers 6 hours of battery life, up to 240 FPS, time-code integration, dual accelerometers and more. All features and requirements of the ever-growing real-time production and animation pipeline.

About Perception Neuron

Perception Neuron is a cutting-edge motion capture technology developed by Noitom, a leading innovator in the field of motion capture. Our system allows for real-time, accurate tracking of human movement, making it the perfect solution for animation, gaming, virtual reality, motion analysis, and other interactive applications.

At Perception Neuron, we are committed to providing the highest quality motion capture technology on the market and make it accessible to anyone. Our team of engineers are committed to constantly improving and innovating our line of motion capture products to meet the needs of every budget.

Established in 2011, Noitom (the word motion spelled in reverse) has their research & development, manufacturing, and company headquarters in Beijing with offices in Tokyo, Miami, and Los Angeles.

More Information

Perception Neuron Studio

Accelerometer Range
Wireless Range
up to 10m
Battery Life
up to 6 hours
Output rate:
60/90/100/120/240 FPS
Finger Tracking Support
*Full finger tracking (requires add-on)

Perception Neuron 3

Accelerometer Range
Wireless Range
up to 5m
Battery Life
up to 4.5 hours
Output rate:
60 FPS
Finger Tracking Support
*Thumb/Index/Middle Finger (requires add-on)

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