Flex 13

Image Sensor

1280 × 1024

Native Frame Rate

8.3 ms

Tracking Performance & Range1

3D Accuracy
+/- 0.20 mm

Passive Markers
9 m (30′)

Global Shutter

Default Speed
0.25 ms

Minimum Speed
0.01 ms

Maximum Speed
7.6 ms at 120 fps

Image Processing Types


Raw Grayscale
MJPEG Grayscale

LED Ring

28 LEDs
850 nm IR


USB 2.0 data port
USB 2.0 camera sync

USB 2.0 power

Lens & Filter

Adjustable focus
Adjustable F-stop

Stock Lens
5.5 mm F#1.8
56° horizontal FOV
46° vertical FOV

Optional Lens
8.0 mm F#1.8
42° horizontal FOV
34° vertical FOV

Size & Weight

2.12 inches(53.8 mm)

3.19 inches(81.0 mm)

1.67 inches(42.4 mm)

6.6 ounces (187 g)

Lens & Filter

Sculpted from aluminum
1/4″-20 tripod thread
2 digit numeric LEDs status indicators
LED health and activity indicator

Compatible Software
Camera SDK

1. 3D accuracy referenced is typical for a 30’×30′ (9m×9m) tracking area. Range is estimated using a 14 mm marker with cameras at an exposure of 800, gain of 6, and the lowest f-stop.

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