The V120:Trio tracking system offers the power of multiple-camera, 6DoF object tracking in a single, plug-and-play package. Each tracking bar is self-contained and pre-calibrated prior to shipment—meaning that no user calibration is required—for out of the box motion tracking that is simple to use, but still offers the leading accuracy and flexibility of optical tracking technology.

Plug-and-play multi-camera motion tracking

Enjoy many of the same benefits as large scale, multi-camera tracking—such as enhanced accuracy, larger capture volumes, and tracking of multiple, customizable objects—distilled down to a single hardware unit and simple I/O.

Super portable, desktop friendly capture

At less than two feet in total length, the V120:Trio packs comprehensive tracking capabilities into a portable form factor—enabling easy transport and rapid deployment of the entire system.

Bundled engineering-grade software

Every purchase of Duo or Trio hardware includes a free license of Motive:Tracker, OptiTrack’s engineering-grade rigid body and marker tracking application. Features include:

6DoF object tracking

Quickly create custom rigid bodies to track position and orientation in all six degrees of freedom. Custom marker arrangements enable you to track a variety of object shapes with passive markers and active LEDs. Additionally, high level tracking filters and constraints can be implemented to further tune when markers and rigid bodies are tracked.

Real-time data streaming

Built-in support for industry standard VRPN and trackd protocols makes integrating real time tracking data with your applications a snap. Stream to or from your application using the included network transport for convenient cross-platform communication. For a wider range of data streaming types, use OptiTrack’s NatNet SDK.

Data recording, playback, and export

Tracking data can be recorded within Motive:Tracker for playback and post-processing. Export recorded data in both C3D and CSV formats for motion capture and analysis.

Proven camera architecture

The Trio is built on OptiTrack’s custom image processing platform, which offers professional motion tracking capabilities at unparalleled pricing.

On-camera image processing

A variety of pre-processed image types are supported on-camera, resulting in decreased bandwidth and CPU load and more efficient motion tracking. Image processing types include:

  • Precision Grayscale
  • Segment
  • Object
  • MJPEG-compressed grayscale
  • Raw grayscale
Camera control

Access a variety of camera settings with the Motive:Tracker Application and API for greater control over what your cameras capture and report to the PC for processing. Available settings include:

  • Image processing type
  • Frame rate
  • Exposure
  • Threshold
  • Illumination
  • Filter switching
  • And more…
Grayscale video with MPEG compression

When operating any of the Trio’s cameras in grayscale, on-camera MJPEG compression is available for reduced USB bandwidth and CPU usage. MJPEG compression consumes 1/10th the bandwidth of uncompressed video while still enabling real-time grayscale video at full frame rate and full resolution.

Precise, efficient motion tracking

The Trio is capable of capturing fast moving objects with its global shutter imager and 120 FPS capture speed. Using advanced image processing to maximize resolution from its three 640 × 480 VGA sensors, the Trio can also track markers down to sub-millimeter movements with repeatable accuracy.

Enhanced scene video with FS technology

Each camera inside a Trio can operate in grayscale mode for high-speed, full-frame reference video. Additionally, the middle camera is equipped with Filter Switcher technology, for visible-spectrum imaging that offers enhanced image quality and more flexible illumination options.

External synchronization

External sync in/out is supported with the included I/O-X sync box, for seamless compatibility with shutter glasses and other hardware devices.

Compatible with Insight VCS virtual camera plugins

Create a complete desktop virtual camera system for just over $3k with a V120:Trio, VCS:Mini, and a VCS plugin to MotionBuilder or Maya. The Trio can be fully integrated into an Insight VCS pipeline, out of the box, via the bundled Motive:Tracker software.

OEM integration

Incorporate the Trio into your own applications for seamless OEM integration via the Motive:Tracker API, which is included free with every Trio purchase. This API provides software development access to the full tracking and streaming capabilities of the Trio.

Feature Comparison
Full Multi-Camera Systems
Pre-calibrated for Plug and Play motion tracking

OptiTrack’s tracking bars are pre-calibrated at the factory, prior to shipment—meaning that no user calibration is required. Full multi-camera systems built with multiple cameras require camera arrangement, cabling, and calibration by the user prior to tracking.

6DoF tracking with a single device

OptiTrack’s tracking bars are pre-calibrated at the factory, prior to shipment—meaning that no user calibration is required. Full multi-camera systems built with multiple cameras require camera arrangement, cabling, and calibration by the user prior to tracking.

Highly portable

Each tracking bar is a self-contained system, offering engineering-grade 6DoF tracking in a highly portable form factor. While full motion capture systems can provide superior scalability and performance, they cannot be transported or deployed nearly as quickly as a tracking bar.

Includes free motion tracking software

Each tracking bar is bundled with a free license of Motive:Tracker, OptiTrack’s engineering-grade rigid body and marker tracking application. Multi-camera systems require the additional purchase of Motive:Tracker or Motive:Body software for motion capture capabilities.

Expandable camera counts and volume sizes

Multi-camera systems can be customized with additional cameras, while tracking bars must be used as stand-alone devices. Adding more cameras enables:

  • 360° camera arrays for reduced occlusion and increased tracking accuracy
  • Larger and more complex capture volumes
  • More camera redundancy for improved coverage throughout volume
  • Expandable systems for enhancing tracking capabilities over time
Multiple camera positions

Cameras tracking from multiple locations improves redundancy, range of motion and coverage. Markers blocked from one camera’s view can remain visible to cameras at other positions which allows tracking to continue seamlessly.

Camera Board
  • Width: 23 inches (584.2 mm)
  • Height: 1.6 inches (40.6 mm)
  • Depth: 2 inches (50.8 mm)
  • Weight: 2.8 pounds (1.3 kg)
  • Mounting: 1/4”-20 tripod thread
  • Display: 128 × 22 OLED
LED Rings
  • No. of LEDs: 26 (× 3)
  • Wavelength: 850 nm IR
  • Strobe or Continuous Illumination
  • Adjustable brightness
Lens & Filters
  • Standard M12 Lenses
    • Horizontal FOV: 47° 1
    • Vertical FOV: 43°
    • Focal Length: 3.5 mm
    • F-number: 2.0
  • Left and Right Cameras
    • 800 nm IR long pass filter
  • Middle Camera
    • 800 nm IR long pass filter w/ Filter Switcher
Input/Output & Power
  • Data: USB 2.0
  • Camera Sync: internal or external (via IO-X)
  • 12V @ 3A
System Requirements
  • Windows Vista/7/8/10
  • 1GHz processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 50MB of available disk space
  • USB 2.0 Hi-speed port
Image Sensors (×3)
  • Image Sensors (×3)
  • Imager Size: 4.5 mm × 2.88 mm
  • Pixel Size: 6 µm × 6 µm
  • Imager Resolution: 640 × 480 (VGA, windowed from 752 × 480)
  • Frame Rate: 120 FPS
    • Frame decimation (transmit every Nth frame)
  • Spatial decimation: 320 × 240, 160 × 120
  • Latency: 8.33 ms
  • Shutter Type: Global
  • Shutter Speed:
    • Default: 1/1,000th of a sec. (1 ms)
    • Minimum: 1/50,000th of a sec. (20 µs)
Image Processing Types
  • Segment
  • Precision Grayscale
  • MJPEG Grayscale
  • Raw Grayscale
In the Box
  • 1 V120:Trio
  • 1 Quick Start guide
  • 1 license of Motive:Tracker
  • 1 12V universal power supply (US/EU-compatible)
  • 1 USB uplink cable (5 meters)
  • 1 Set of different markers and bases in a box

More Information

Camera SDK
Camera SDK

Full camera control, access to 2D object data, camera syncronization, and comprehensive vector tracking – a complete assortment of tools…

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